boiling juice before fermentation

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Aug 15, 2015
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Hi all,

So about boiling or heating juice. This would sound like a good idea but I suspect it's not. Anybody care to share their thoughts?
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No it is not a good idea. When you boil the juice you are setting the pectin in it and you will have a rough time getting the wine to clear. If you don't mind me asking why were you thinking of boiling the juice?
I thought it wouldn't be a good idea when I hadn't read anything about boiling. I wanted to boil for additional sanitation. I've been trying to rely on cultural practices vs spray for disease control but it's not working out to well. Even my Cayuga, which was what I was going to boil, was pretty rough.
I have known other owners of vineyards to cann their raw juice before - it is the best to back sweeten with !