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Feb 24, 2010
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Started my first batch of mead tonight! Did a one gallon batch with:

1lb blackberries
1lb blueberries
2lbs clover honey (1.08ish SG)

Waiting for the pectin to work on them berries overnight, I'll pitch the yeast tomorrow!
Pitched some EC-1118 tonight, hopefully we will get a little Co2 in the morn!
just had a quick read, and with only 2lb of honey and using EC-1118 for the yeast, damn that's gonna be as dry as a buzzards arse......

my preferences are that if you use a dark coloured berry in a melomel, then I always go for the medium to sweet side.

does sound like a good mix though - I'd have used a different yeast (EC-1118 seems to blow too much of the more delicate flavour/aroma straight out the airlock) and more honey....


I'm about to embark on my first blackberry melomel, if I can find a recipe that I can understand. What type of yeast would you recommend? I didn't realize that yeast was that critical. I suppose I should spend more time reading!


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