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Jun 22, 2009
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I've had a blackberry that has been bubbling strong for almost two weeks in the secondary. I had strained it fairly well when I transfered it from the primary to the secondary for final fermenting. Now it has stopped bubbling for about two days. I just checked it and it was definitely below .990 with my hydrometer.
My question is, do most of you let a wine sit for a few days to settle even more in the secondary while still on an airlock or go ahead and transfer it now let the waiting begin?
I've read tannin helps a wine keep longer. Should I add some tannin to it?
I've got a lot of learning to do from you gurus! :h
If you have alot of sediment I would transfer and add your finning agents. Do you plan on adding a f-pac or backsweeten? If so now is the time, then add clairifiers. How does it taste?
The little bit I kept out while measuring the SG wasn't bad, it difinitely had an alcohol kick. I don't think it has a lot of sediment showing. I'll probably not add any more sweetener.
What's the f-pac you mention?
F-pac = Flavor pac. Do a search and you will find different ways to make.
I usually let it sit for a few weeks as now is when all the sediment will start falling out. Since its only been in there for 2 weeks then a few more wont hurt it at all.
Now that I know I'll save a few from next season. This seasons berries have gone away. All the ones I picked came from stuff growing around my yard.
I went ahead and looked at the S-market today and found some berries from Oregon in cans. I got two cans and Strained, simmered and sugared. I added this to the carboy. I know I like the difference in color from the canned ones and the light red in the carboy. Now, I'll let this set for a while.
Maybe the next time when I rack it I'll do it again.