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hehehe Tom

for more than a second there, I thought that was adam sandler in a beered..

( pun intended)

seriously, I can see where he gets some of his slapstick from now..

For a beer, to keep it cool I use Stubby holders. Generally their main function is to keep the drinks cool. They also protect hands from chilling when holding those cold drinks.

This site is loaded with tons of jury rigged things. You may remebered about the redneck rotessire grill. Same site take a look, have a good laugh.

Scroll to the bottom of the page. Those are all Cheexeburger sites and everyone of them will make you smile.
Hi NIKKI, look at that site too you will love it, or Toms money back!
Put a little ice in the bottom to help keep it cold. :)

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