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Jan 23, 2010
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I have a few 6 gallon Better Bottles and a few 6 gallon glass carboys. I bought 1 glass carboy from George, and the other one locally. But why do the glass carboys hold more like 6 1/2 gallons or are the BB not really 6 gallons
Are you sure that your glass carboys aren't actually 6 1/2 gal carboys? You can get 6 or 6 1/2 gal carboys...
The old carboys were mexican and they were 6 gallon. The new ones are Italian and they do measure out closer to 6.5 gallon. This refers only to the glass ones. I do not have a logical reason for you though. Sorry
Yea and NOW if on top there are threads then its a 6 1/2 gal carboy. The Italian ones have 6 + 25oz (they have the ribs around the bottle and the Mexican have smooth sides.
Sounds like a big problem to me. Sooooo,,,
just ship them to me here in Florida, and I'll deal with the problem. :h
Ship one to me, don't know what happened, but my carboys just up and stopped multiplying.

I have a WE LE brunello ready to ferment, but I am out of carboys until I bottle something... It will be awhile. :?
All glass carboys differ some. I have filled gallon jugs and used these to gauge what size each carboy was so that In can rack down each tme and have less head space his way.
We have both glass and BB carboys that even have slight volume differences ... ie one six gallon BB that holds a little bit less than another six gallon BB ... and one Italian six gallon glass that holds a bit more than another six gallon Italian glass carboy.

Keeps us guessing ... and honest when it comes to racking and topping off. The trick, as others have already said, is to have a ready supply of top off wine ... because you never really know how much wine you are going to need to top off after a rack.

Way too many variables, including the fact that even "like" carboys hold slightly different amounts.
Thanks guys for the replys. As far as myakkagldwngr and robie goes, Don't hold your breath!!!