Baccellieri crusher

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Oct 1, 2009
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Just borrowed this from a friend.It has an electric motor and steele paddles that mesh together,not so tight that it will crush a seed.First off what would be a good cleaner second,do I throw the whole bunch or do I have to de stem by hand? Thanks Upper
I clean my crusher/destemmer with the same stuff I clean all my wine making gear with. I just like to make sure I rinse it down really well before using it.It has way to many places to collect suds and stuff that can make it into the juice if you dont rinse it down very well.

If your talking about a crusher only unit then your choices are to run the grapes thru a destemmer first or to hand destem the grapes.
Like to see a pic of it. Are you sure its not a destemmer also as Ive never seen a motorized crusher that wasnt that only unless its older.
The motor may have been added.There is a hand crank one on E-bay.Upper