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For Sale Toscana Enological Mori Gamma model 50 Destemmer / Variable Crusher 6 ton/hr $3800

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Mori Wine

Mori Wine
Apr 17, 2023
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Destemmer / Crusher is constructed entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel (excepting ends of the beater bars) and equipped with a wide loading hopper with feeding screw, rotating drum and, easy hinged opening for simple cleanup. The variable spacing of the crusher’s interdigitated fingers allow for control of the extent of grape maceration.

Grape clusters are separated from debris as they move through the full-size Loading Hopper via the In-feed Auger. Strategically-angled paddles with food grade plastic ends mounted on a rotating shaft gently destem the fruit. Clean, whole grapes drop through the destemming drum where a second auger feeds the grapes to a variable width interdigitated crushing mechanism, then through an on-board Must Pump, extracting free-run juice while leaving the grape seeds intact, avoiding the release of unwanted astringent tannins.


Hourly Production: 6.0 Tons

Destemming Drum and Shaft

Variable Width Crushing Mechanism

On-board Centrifugal Impeller Must Pump with 2.5 inch Tri-Clamp outlet

Hinged design for easy access and cleaning

Full-length Hopper with In-feed Auger

Stainless Steel Hopper Side Extensions included

Fully-enclosed Destemming Drum with strategically positioned fixed Paddles with High Quality Food Grade Plastic Beaters for Gentle Destemming

Secondary Outfeed Auger feeds into Variable Width Crusher

Centrifugal Impeller Must Pump moves Free Run Juice and Grape Must to Fermentor

Motor: 2.0 HP, 220v 1-PH, 10A (needs repairing or we recommend replacing)

Dimensions: 59" L 31.5" W x 42" H, ~330 lbs

Mounted on Swivel Locking Wheels for Ease of Placement and Movement

AISI 304 Stainless Steel Construction

Italian made by Toscana Enological Mori

This machine has been used exclusively by a small private winery with very small batches.

All bearings and gears recently replaced and serviced.


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