Artificial sweetner...fermenting?

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Oct 25, 2007
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I have 6 gallons of Welch's frozen concentrate wine I wanted to experiment with. I had a bottle of DaVinci's (sugar free) Gourmet Raspberry Syrup, so I pitched it in. I had already stabilized the wine with k-meta and sorbate. The syrup is made with Splenda (Sucralose), and the airlock started bubbling again. The wine was already racked off of any sediment, and is clear.

Anybody else run into this?

The syrup gave the wine a nice flavor, I guess I'll just let it sit a few weeks, and see what happens. The yeast I used was ec-1118. I've joked with the guy I buy my supplies from that 1118 will ferment anything...maybe I'm not too far off.

Did you degas it? was vacuumed de-gassed before I added the syrup to it. and after when I saw the airlock moving, I put it under a vacuum bubbles formed at 20 inches.
How much sorbate did you add
Did the gravity change
How much sorbate did you add
Did the gravity change

3 tsp of sorbate, per the instructions on the bottle of 1/2 tsp per gallon.

Good call on the gravity...I didn't check that when I added the syrup. When stabilized it was at .992, it's now at 1.0. I know Sucralose is made from sugar, so maybe that has something to do with it. I'll keep checking the SG to see if it changes or not.

Is the sorbate old?

I bought it maybe a 2 months ago, from my local supplier. He's pretty OCD about rotating everything, one of the reasons I go there.

Maybe the syrup isn't as "sugar free" as it claims. Unless the fermentable part of the sugar is kept in tact when they make Sucralose...I'm not that up on the chemistry.

I'll monitor it over the next couple of days...another learning experience.

I wonder how you can make a syrup without any sugar in it.

As far as I know there is no way to get sugar out of fruit without fermenting....

There is a lot going on here in Holland about health and
sugar and over-weight.
So manufacturers start writing a lot of bull on their packaging like
That just does not mean that there is no sugar in it, it means that natural sugar is in and they did not add any.

So always look at the packaging.

It's finally settled down and stopped bubbling. SG is still at 1.0, it still holds 20" hg. I have no clue what was causing the bubbling.

It still tastes good, I guess that's the main point.


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