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Jul 25, 2016
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Hi All,

I started a batch of Edwort's Apfelwein on 22MAY17 and made it IAW the recipe. Initially it was sitting in a 5 gal carboy and everything was moving along nicely.

A few days ago it was apparent that a separate batch of merlot needed the 5 gal carboy and the Apfelwein (being a cheaper batch) had to give up its spot. The only other carboy I have right now is a 6 gal.

Being that the Apfelwein has been going for a while now I am hesitant to leave it in the 6 gal. carboy with that much headspace. I plan on adding some additional apple juice/white grape concentrate but had a few questions.

I used honey as a sweetener vs. the corn sugar specified. I determined the total sugar grams in 2 lbs of dextrose and just added enough honey to match that. Came out to about 37oz of honey (added a couple extra...about 40oz)

1oz dextrose = 25g sugar
2lbs dextrose = 800g sugar

21g honey = 16g sugar
1,050g honey = 800g sugar
1,050g honey = 37oz

Now I want to add about another 1/2 gallon of apple juice and maybe some grape concentrate. I am trying to use fermcalc to determine how much additional sugar I should add to keep the abv about the same as it was originally. The app only allows entry of a single sweetener to calculate SG though.

The 5 gallons of apple juice has about 2,080g sugar
I added the 40oz of honey (1,050g sugar)

Can I use fermcalc and just enter 3,130g sugar for the sugar added? It gives me about 1.063 for SG. Sounds about right. I estimated that the sugar content in the 5 gallons of juice accounted for about 0.3 gallon of the total volume. Does this seem a little tiny bit in the right direction? If it finishes at around 1.010 it will give me around 7%, which I think is great.

I don't know why I didn't take a reading at the start... the recipe didn't mention it...

Also, all the white grape concentrate I have has kmeta, I should avoid that right?

Last calculation to double check if you care:

Adding another 1/2 gal of apple juice = 200g sugar
Adding 12oz white grape concentrate = 444g sugar

If I estimate original volume - all the sugar content at about 5.5 gal it gives me a SG of 1.062 and a finished volume of slightly over 6 gal.

Sound good? Phew that was long.
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