Anybody use a table press?

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Feb 4, 2010
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just had a little money and was wondering if anyone has used one of the yakima table presses and what their expierience was. i only do 5-6 gallon batches and dont think i would really need a floor standing unit (not enough spent fruit in one 5 gallon batch).

the press is at the happyvalleyranchdotcom website

what do you think?
I have a similar table top press and it works OK. The main problems is that the small size means you have to do more pressings. Also, my hunch is that a screw type press like this does not do as good a job as a ratchet press. But if you don't want to spend much money or you have limited space, a table top press certainly can get the job done.
I always wanted a press, that is until a friend of mine who stopped winemaking gave one to me.

Mine is about 10 liter and I really think it far too much a hassle.
Filling the press-bag, cleaning etc etc etc.
If you do want a press do yourself a favor and buy a big one.
We used it several times to press apples. It works, but it is a lot of hassle.

My freezer does an equal good job.
If I had to choose the freezer wins over the press.

Freeze your fruit and then you can easily press it by hand, even hard fruit like apples:

I put all my apples through a food processor.. A litre of juice at a time.. and I just put it into a primary containing pectic enzyme and citric acid..

never had issues with oxidation or massive lees.

I will mention that the wine is strained through muslin and also squeezed out by hand.. on transfer to secondary..