Any Wisconsin or Illinois Wine makers?

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Your not alone here. I'm in Joliet, Il. Do you grow grapes too?
I barely make wine... just started 5 weeks ago but i do have 2 small grape plants/vines i planted this year... should be a while before they yield anything but growing just fine right now..
yep your right the vines will take awhile,you should cut off any clusters that show for the first 2 years so the vine can focus all its energy on growing big and strong for you.

Its good to have you on the forum hope you hang around and enjoy the company here.
Gosport,In. looking to plant two acers next year of wine graps look over a few vineyard close to me to find the right ones to grow.
Tomah Wi here. Can't get grape to grow. Don't have the time to get them to grow with my climate and soil.

But try to make about 3 batches of fresh fruit wine and 2 kits a year. Have not made any this year because of life events
Milwaukee WI here. just got back into winemaking after 4 year hiatus...

Former Illinois resident here. I was born and raised downstate south of Decatur. I am from the Seelbyville area. Been in South Louisiana for the past 10 years though. Would love to come back though and live around your area. My Step Son's girlfriend lives in Crystal Lake and all of my kids still live in Shelbyville. I love Wisconsin.
Grew up in the very southwest corner of Wisconsin. Parents still live there. I'm afraid I'm no where near there anymore.
My mom lives in Oshkosh and we visit as often as we can. I have a niece who lives near by, she drinks alot of wine! Does that count?
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