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Dec 2, 2009
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Ok, I made Brandon O's Graff, it is a hard Apple Cider with DME and a touch of hops. I racked it yesturday and not thinking clearly I added a 1/4 Tsp of K-Meta. Not a problem right? Wrong, I forgot this is going in beer bottles and it needs to bottle carb before serving. It has been 24 hours since I added the K-meta. I also had to add some apple juice to top up. Can I add a packet of yeast, so I have some active ferment to bottle carb? Will the old yeast in suspension still be good? I bought carb tabs, just because I figured it would be safer to toss a few tabs in each bottle.

Is it still possible to get this stuff to carb up?
Possible yes! I would pull out 1 bottles worth and try it with a carb tablet or you can use dextrose. See if it works before doing this to so many. If you already topped up wiyh applejuice then it should be fermenting as we speak though!!!!!!!!!!! How much keta are we takling and what size batch is this. You might have to make a starter and start introducing some of that cider and some sugar to acclimate it to the sulfite level though! :(
Thanks for the post Wade, I put 1/4 Tsp in 5 gals... I also see some white spots in there now, I kinda has that yeast look to it. Or either that it is some of the hops, I didn't know I was supposed to strain them out in the beggining. I had dried hops on the top inside the carboy and while racking some of it fell into the Graff while racking. I still have positive preasure on my airlock and think I am starting to get some bubbles through it. I will keep a close eye on it over the next couple days. This was mainly for my Dad, was hoping it would be ready for his B-day late Janurary, that might have to be delayed now.

Any suggestions on filtering it? I was thinking about running it through a cheese cloth into my primary just before bottling?
Im not sure filtering like that will do a lot of good but I guess you could but then you might want to use another packet of yeast which may defeat the purpose. I wouldnt rush it intom the bottle even for a birthday as it most likely wont be ready due to having to re ferment anyway.

I think that is where I went off on my thinking with adding the K-meta. I was thinking since I have to add some juice I don't want it to ferment again. But duh, I needed it to ferment it again in the bottle. It was Nottingham yeast, not sure what that ferments out to ABV wise.
That yeast will go up to around 11%. Yeah, you shouldnt have topped up at that point cause you didnt have to, there was enough C02 in suspension to keep the stuff protected.
Well Wade, guess what... without doing a single thing, just letting it sit there all by itself, I have re-fermentation. Nice action going through my airlock. So when it stops I will bottle and hopfully enjoy some Graff 3 weeks later!