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Jan 4, 2009
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hey guys/gals, just started another 6 gal. mixed apple batch Sat. 29th. 3:00 pm, ptched yeast Sun. 3:00 pm. Question? would it be best (as I have been reading) to start ferment at approx. 70 deg. f? And then slowly lower temp to approx. 60-62 deg. f. for the remainder of the primary ferment? ( luc if you read this sorry for not using the metrics, ha ha)
First I would look at the temperature range your yeast prefers.
If that is within the range you are suggesting there should be no problem.

But why start at a higher temperature and then go on lower.
Ferment through the whole process with lower temperatures is the best way to go.

I usually like to start a bit warmer to get fermentation going nicely and let it cool down and it works out fine but like Luc said make sure you are in your yeast strain perameters.