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Mar 30, 2022
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SE Missouri
I thought I already posted this earlier today, but can't find it.
I started this kit 8/16/22, at that time the pH was 3.6. Today I racked and added K Meta. The taste was a little flat so I checked the pH, today it is 3.8 (rechecked and checked calibration). Should I adjust it now or wait? Plan on bulk aging for an additional 6-9 months before bottling.
I also didn't think there enough tannin, add now or wait? Adjust pH, then tannin or both concurrently.
Is it common for pH to change during aging?
I don't think I checked TA and if I did, I didn't record it.
You did the right thing, tasting the wine.

At this point, you can skip the pH and TA tests -- go by taste. Figure out who much tartaric you need to drop the pH to 3.7 and add it. Stir well and taste again in a month. If the wine tastes good (acid-wise), you're done. If not, decide if it's close. If it's not close to "good", add the same amount as the first time, otherwise add half that amount. Stir, let the wine rest a month, and taste again.

Regarding tannin, I'd add that now as well. Tannin and acid are mixed in the wine, and affect smell & taste, so adjusting them together in small increments is a better choice.

Go gentle with each addition, as it's far easier to add more than to take some out.

Since I'm on a roll with my common sayings, remember that the enemy of Good is not Bad, it's Better. If you think, "the wine is good but if I do X it will be better", also think about Murphy's law. ;)

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