All Points Bulletin. Where is Troy??

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Madriver Wines

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Apr 6, 2009
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Has anyone heard from Articid? He has dropped off the face of the earth and I fear he has been eaten by BEARS!!! I know he was wanting to get at the blueberries and had seen Bears around the area. Hopefully I am just kidding about the Bears but no news is not always good news in the wilderness.

I was wondering too..

Is his mum still visiting him? I don't think he was planning his overseas trip til late december.

i've heard there is a black bear in my area. they caught it on one of those hunter/ bird camera setups. supposedly mountain lions too. very rare for Missouri, but it's hilly around the area with caves and such.

anyway, i have a shotgun with me usually. squirrel and rabbit season :) hopefully not bear or mtn lion season :p
You are right Steve its like he just went missing all of a sudden.
Hope everything is ok with him..
I miss you all too

Sorry I haven't been in more touch. Our summers are very short and have been trying to asccomplish all the things on the list I made last winter. I think my list started with 513 things and so far I only accomplished like 4 or 5. Ha Ha.
I am glad to know you all miss me that much, and be assured I miss you all equally as well. After I severed my phone line, I just used my cell and have changed phone providers and am suppose to have the internet bak next week and I will be able to keep in better touch.
I hope everyone had a great summer(or winter as the case may be).:)
I am looking forward to catching up with everyones successes in our obsessive hobby in the weeks to come, so for now I say, "SALUT, a votre sante"
Later friends
Good to hear that you didnt end up as Bear food ha ha. Did ya get to pick any of the wild blueberries? I would travel to Alaska for a bottle of that!! Salute Vortex Sante Fe to you too.:h
i was just wondering where you went myself the other day arctic
glad too see all is well
Maybe he is FROZEN?


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