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Mar 5, 2010
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I bought Wyman's Wild Blueberry juice (which is actually a 3 juice blend w/ apple & grape).
Should i use 100% juice or should i add an amount of water to the juice?
You should check the gravity 1st !
GOOGLE WineCalc and download.
Once you have a gravity reading I'm SURE you will have to add sugar. Add enough to get a gravity of 1.085 using the WineCalc.
Do not add water, you will need to add sugar though to raise the sg to a level that will protect itself from spoilage. I highly suggest a starting sg of 1.085 to let the fruit flavor shine through but have some alc in there to stay around for a little while. Welcome to our site UBG!
Thanks, guys.
That's what i needed, a straight answer.

Some people and alot of the older books suggest differing amounts of water.
But i don't wanna just get drunk, i wanna get drunk and enjoy what i'm drinking. :dg
Welcome !
Let us know how it comes out.
Whats the recipe? How big a batch? I get some frozen fruit and juices from Sams Club and Costco.
The only recipe i can find on the net that uses this juice is a melomel.

so pretty much the recipe is:

check sg of juice
sugar to 1.085-1.090
i'm guessing adjust acid? to what?
10-14 days (fermentation slows) RACK
rack every few weeks (months?) until clear and no sediment.
check sg every few days and make sure fermentation has stopped

so, uh, yeah, i'm no where near ready to start.

i'm new. let me know if i left anything out, have in the wrong place, etc.
Not in a processed juice but it wouldnt hurt. I also use 1/2 tsp of yeast energizer in every wine I make besides from grapes as grapes are the only fruit that is balanced as far as nutrients and minerals needed and even then I use nutrient.
Make sure you have Hydrometer, k-meta, sorbate, nutrient, yeast (I like red star cote des blancs), Fermenting bucket, some kind of glass carboy, thermometer.
Of yea
come back here and ask before doing anything.
Cotes Des Blanc is also my favorite yeast but I do like the Pastuer red for the darker fruit wines. Either of these will do an excellent job!
ok so i got everything, what should i do first?
i, of course, mean after sanitizing.
How much you making?
Google WineCalc and download. This will show how much sugar to add. Input the gravity as is input gravity you want and then will tell you what you need. Take some juice out and heat in a pot to simmer. Add sugar and dissolve. add back to fermentor. let it cool. here you can add pectic if you want and ck the acid and adjust to .065
Hydrate yeast and add w/ nutrient and WAIT..
what kind of reaction am i looking for with the acid titration kit?
it just seemed to turn green after 1cc and never really changed from green, even adding all the way to 10ccs.
How dark is the juice after you added the sugar.
Did you add the 3 drops of the color solution?
What size batch how much sugar did you need to add.
What gravity did you get
OK unless you know how to dilute the test wine than forget it for now and get the wine started.
i only have:
Pasteur Champagne
Premier Cuvee
& 1118

Which of these should i use on this?

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