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Oct 26, 2008
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Hi gang I am indeed fine, been playin tour guide for my Mom all week, just typed in a a huge message and deleted it before it was posted and i refuse to repost it right now. If it is in here please repost it for me. I havent been that far in the wilderness in quite a few years. My Mom and her husbamd never have been. It was quite the experience. When I get home, I'll fill you in. Gave my Mom all my New Zeland money for my nephews and nieces, I guess that means G and Coll may be buying the next round when I get there:D
They are still trtying to figure out where I got all that N Zeland currency, wait till they see all the coins I gave them from Greenland. See yall around the corner.:b

Sorry to say I cannot understand the question, I have tried it about 4 times but it is out of my reach, :(
It wasn't a question man, if you see a question mark in my post please let ,r know. I may need to turn my keyboard back the other way.:d
Hey Troy,
I was wondering how the visit was going? Hope you all are having a great time and watch out for the bears lol.
Ive been missing all of you company. Give me a day or so to catch back up. Even my cats are angry at me. Already seen bear tracks behind my cabin, Those are MY berries, I am willing to share but I still want some. I cant wait to tell you about this wild rose petal wine, i think I am really into something:D:D: Really cool. Gonna have to save some to bring with me for G and Coll next January. So for now, yall take care. Keep on keeping on making something:b

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