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Sep 29, 2009
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I started a world vineyard Fr Cabinet Sauvignon a week or so ago. the inital temp was 74 degrees and the SG was 1.067. It was supposed to be around 1.075. I called the local dealer and he said not to worry. When I went to move it to the carboy, the SG was .994. The manufacturer told me not to worry, even though the SG is what it should be after the 2nd fermentation. Doing the math, it looks like the alcohol reading is around 9%, which is a little low. Assuming the SG won't be much different when the 2nd fermentation is finished (10 days), how do I raise the alcohol content to 12% or thereabouts?
You could add a little more sugar if you have not added any sorbate or sulfites yet. You wouldnt want to bring this kit up to 12% as Im sure this is a 7.7 or 1o liter concetrate kit made up to 6 gallons using water and these kits can be very thin on body and flavor. At this point is there a lot of lees still in there cause if its been racked off these lees(sediment) then most of your yeast is gone also which is acclimated to the higher abv and would do fine with some more sugar. Adding a fresh packet of yeast right into the batch would just shock the yeast from the alc and pretty much kill it. Id go as far as 1 1/2 lbs of sugar and thats about it.
I have never made this kit, but I am very surprised by the low sg. It's too late to be asking, but are you sure of the starting sg?

I'm not surprised by the .994, although you didn't say how long it took to reach that point.


I finally contacted Winexpert customer service and they told me not to worry about it and to let it sit the requisite period of time. I did and the SG is about the same, so I've gone on to finishing.
thaks for the help and advice.
Not crazy about that company and never satisfied with their red wine kits!

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