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Oct 26, 2008
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I got the Pee working, it's coming along as expected.

The recipe calls for adding half the required amount of nutrient and energizer in the beging, and then add the remaining amount at 1.050. It is, and I did.

My question is that I haven't seen any other recipes that call for this later addition of these additives. What would be the purpose of the recipe asking to do this at this point. Why wouldn't it all be added in the begining?

Other than that no problems to report, it is fermenting nicely at about 72F.

Hi Troy,

From what I understand, skeeter pee is a prime wine for a stuck fermentation because of the chemicals in the lemon concentrate. Adding more nutrient and engerizer at the half way point helps to prevent a stuck fermentation. It is like the little engine that has all this steam going up the hill and halfway up he needs a little push!

So I wonder if there would be any advantage to this late addition in other wines or is it just not necessary except in the case of something high in acid like the lemon?
Troy... I don't remember where I read it... probably somewhere on this forum, but that is a recommendation on high gravity and other difficult fermentations.
I have to wonder than if it would be advantageous for cranberry, that is another one that is difficult to say the least! Once the cranberry gets going, it goes, but the last batch I made, I had a helluva time to get it started.

(ps Bill, working on the PO. Been kinda camped out in the cabin looking up stupid stuff on the internet!!LOL)

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