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Feb 2, 2009
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Howdy all. Up till this point I have only made white fruit wines Apples and pears. So having reds going is kind of a thrill to me. Following are some pictures of whats cooking out here on the great plains. The first four pics are of Elderberry. The first pair are a Mulled Elderberry. Good and clear ready to bottle.



The next two are a simple Elderberry. Also ready for the bottles. I may have used too many berries (16 lbs).Very very dark. Light just will not pass through. Even in a glass it is almost too dark. This batch has even been topped twice with water. Tastes good though.



Next is a batch of Blackberry. Only been racked once and is still doing a little fermenting. Using a vacum pump I pulled gas off for almost 10 mins.



Last is a batch of peach wine. Also still fermenting a little. I ran the pump on this bottle for almost 20 mins. Couldn't believe a bottle could contain that much co2. The Must had one third brown sugar so it is a little darker.



I am really enjoying the colors on this cold white winters day
Yeah Tom they are usally in a dark masonry pantry. Had to carry them 50" back and forth just to get them into the sunlight huff and puff and huff somemore.
I commend you for all that labor to take those colorful pictures.
NOW, wait till they are ready to bottle and "taste".
They all look great, can't wait until I can have that many batches going at once.

the darker bactch will be fine. our last batch was super thick and somehow managed to have a mellow, almost merlot taste to it. gotta let the eldeberry age, as it does get even better after a few years!

thanks for adding some pics! i know myself that it's not easy to get them where you want them, take the pics, load them and then post here with the links. sometimes you have other things to do! we apprecite it!
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