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Aug 20, 2007
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I am making a 1 gal mixed berry wine based on a recipe from Jack Keller's website. I added 1 campden tablet when I mixed it up. After fermenting for about 10 days I transfered to a glass jug to secondary. Alot of lees settled out in the secondary so after 3 weeks I transfered to a new glass jug and topped up with water.
My question is should I add more campden tablets at this time and if so how do I add them? I plan on letting the wine sit for a couple months or more before bottling.

Thanks for your help.

You should add it the same as you did the initial. Crush it up and mix it in a little water to dissolve it. When you rack add it to the wine as it is racking.
Well I didn't add it that way initially. Instead I mixed it with the juice and berries before fermentation. And I have already racked the wine.
But it sounds like I should add some more sulfite at this time, so I am going to remove a little wine from the fermenter, mix one campden tablet with the wine and add it back in. I have it topped up to within an inch of the stopper so I don't have room for any more liquid.
Does this sound like a good plan?

It would of been best to add it when you racked so it will mix in better but it would be better than nothing.