??? about sinatin 17

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Feb 3, 2009
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I have a reciepe for blackberry and it calls for sinatin 17 as an oak finisher and my local wine supply store no longer carries this product but they do have a bottle of oak essance is this stuff the same?
A quick google of Sinatin 17 brings up multiple references to Oak essence.

I'd say that they are the same.
Thanks guys i think that i will deviate from the receipe and just use oak chips seems like the better thing to do sinse i'm really in no hurry. I think that the liquid stuff is just a quick way to cheat. Nothing ventured nothing gained!
Very good decision to bypass that part of the recipe. Ive yasyed 2 wines wwhich that product was used and though I could not describe that taste it left I will say it was unpleasant!