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Feb 2, 2009
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Hello all. It looks like maybe I finally found a site and some folks to help me with some of the questions about this here wine biz. My real name is Brad. I live outside Tecumseh Kansas. this is about 50 miles west of KC. I got talked into making wine by a couple of nieghbors who have been at it for many years. They make and drink mainly for effect. The higher % the better. Some of thier wines are strange to say the least but they pack a whaloop. I never know whats going to come up out of the cellar.
I started doing this mainly because couldn't stand to see all of my fathers fruit just rotting on the ground. He died last year and no one seems interested in doing anything with the thousands of pounds of fruit comming off his trees and bushes. Two types of pears 2 types of apples, persimmons, Gooseberries, blackberries and rasberries and 2 kinds of cherries.
I've bottled up 15 gallons so far and most of it went out for Christmas gifts. Nobody told me that it was disgusting, so I have 15 more fermenting.
My real loves in this life are antiques,fine woodworking, lapidary/rocks and all of nature.
It will take me some time to find time and my way around your Forum . I have lots of questions and am hoping for good answers.
Hey Brad , Welcome. Im sure you wil find alot of answers here. I only wish I had that much fruit lying around.
I agree , I wish I had that much fruit to make my wines with. Even though I am new to wine making (about two years), I love experimenting with different fruits. Good luck with you wine making and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You will enjoy this forum.
I too wish I had all that fruit available for me to ferment. I too am a woodworker and build very custom stairs for a job. Used to build highend cabinets and install them but found stairs more fun and better pay also.
Oh My..free fruit!

Brad, welcome to our forumn. I too am new to the whole thing of making wine. I just posted a thread complaining about the cost of fruit here in Alaska. You have been blessed to have that availability of fruit at you disposle. I am sure you will find many members in here who be willing to help you. Buy a hydrometer today or order one. You will need it! If you don't get one there are those in here who may yell at you!:) Keep the wine making process alive! If you like to cook in no time you will be addicted to making your own wine, it is equally as enjoyable. Most especially if you have the availability to that much fruit.
Good luck bro'
Whats your address?

Brad, your Dad would be glad to see you do something with all that fruit. Maybe you get get some people together who are equally interested in making wine, and trade some fruit for some of the "equipment" you will need. Thats win/win from what I can see. On behalf of some of the others in here who don't have the fruit availibilty you do....."we are envious"
Take Care