6 days in, does this sound right?

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Sep 20, 2007
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So I checked by Vintner's Reserve Pinot just now to see what the gravity was.


The must/wine tasted basically like a "heavy" wine cooler: a little alcoholic, sweet (not fully fermented?) and kinda carbonated (CO2?). Not unpleasant actually, but not like real wine either.

The liquid itself was quite cloudy.

My basement, where the primary is, is probably 68-70 degrees. Though this weekend is supposed to be in the 80s and I've turned the AC off, so it'll probably warm up a couple of degrees down there in the next couple of days.

So based on what my instructions say, looks like I need to let it ferment a bit longer to get below. 1.010. They also say to start checking the gravity every day now.

Does all this sound right? THX
As long as it is still fermenting there will be sugars in the must and therefore it will taste sweet.
During fermentation CO2 dissolves in the must and therefore indeed it will taste carbonated.

Now I have no experience with kits but have made a fair share of wines in the past years and am a strong believer that time heals all wounds.

Patience my friend.

Sounds great!!

Now just find some patience, as Luc already suggested.