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Sep 10, 2010
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I thought it would be interesting to have a "year in the" thread for the vineyards, large and small. I believe we have a pretty good cross section of climates, and most surely approaches. So, perhaps weekly posting of what is going on in your vineyard? Pictures of course are extra cool.

For this week, my buds are just beginning to swell. I'm still not sure how much winter kill I'll have so I've left extra buds and on a few vines, full shoots in case I have to replace a cordon or in a couple cases, maybe a trunk.

So, y'all growers - how about you?



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This is my first vineyard year. I prepped last fall and installed the trellises. A couple of weeks ago I dug the holes with a small backhoe. We planted last weekend but not without a little drama.

My dad drove down from Detroit on Thursday, and almost the same hour, the plants from Double A arrived. The plan was to plant Friday and Saturday. Thursday night was restless for me and by Friday morning I was clearly unwell. We went out and planted 2 vines before I had to quit. I worsened, wound up in the ER, and a couple of hours later I was in the OR getting my appendix out.

So Saturday I was discharged but of course in no shape yet to do any shovel work. Friends and family pitched in and we got the 126 vines planted.

Some pics...




postop - Copy.jpg
Glad they caught it in time and you had a crew on hand.

Yes, thanks.

Wow! Hope you're feeling better.

Much better, thanks.

Wow, that was a real kick in the butt. I think you owe those folks some wine. But then again they maybe they are paying you back for all the wine you gave them.

Yes, they've all been drinking my wine for a few years. I think they still view their contribution as an investment if you know what I mean. :h
May Day, bud break!

Well we grape workers had a March for union solidarity. Pretty short since it was me and the dog:ft.

Nice to get out and look things over. I call it bud break. Some tiny leaves, but on the way. Looks like my fears of winter kill were unfounded, so the second pruning will happen this weekend.

The cuttings I set to root in the garage are looking fine. I rolled them out for some sun over the weekend but we are still in the low 40s at night so they will sleep in the garage for the next couple of weeks. The cuttings are to fill in where I lost vines previously or fill out a row.

Supposed to be 80 by Thursday :db whoopee! About time it warmed up.



Well we grape workers had a March for union solidarity. Pretty short since it was me and the dog:ft.

Stick it to the man, be sure to make sure you post your grievances with the owner. I know they don't listen but you will feel better:::h:::h

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