1st time Some Questions Plz help Me.

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Jun 14, 2009
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Hello and Hi to every one in this forum :h

My self Manku from Bhopal,

I m new to home making wine and also confused how to get it to work,Today I have made my first two bottles 200 Ml each. I m happy and waiting for that wine to get ready so that I can taste it. ( But I have some questions)

Contents Used : Red Grape Juice(100ml) , Sugar(1.5 cup) , Water(300 ml) , Bread Yeast (10gm), two balloons and two glass bottle 180 ml each. (balloon has holes with needle)

01. The balloon filled with gas in about 1.5 hours that is I think very less as I have read some topics on internet they say that the yeast will start working in about 6 to 12 hours, I m little confused how is this possible is everything alright or not.

02. Is it possible that after the wine is ready it contain some poisons or something that can hurt me or the one who taste it. (IMP for Me)

03.How will I get know that the wine is ready to use. That means what is a ideal time that it will get ready in that time period.

04. After the wine is ready that means the balloon will get down what is the process to get the clean wine from those two bottles.

05. How I can store my wine which is ready to use or this type of wine cannot be used.

06. When my wine is ready how I can make it taste full so that it don't taste to bad to drink also, that means something like we are drinking yeast.

07. This I have made is Red wine I think not sure, how to make different kinds of wine plz let me know this if it is possible.

08.Finally I don't know the thing like how much sugar or juice we have to use per litre or something like that(measurements). What I have done is just my imagination hope that the things work. If any one has the ingredients list then plz tell me.

Another thing is that after the fermentation how to get the pure wine, is there any process plz tell me how i can do with kitchen tools.

The last thing is that plz let me know everything about the safety we have to see in this process, because that is very important so that I don't hurt myself and my friends. This is just a experiment and I want to improve in it.

Sorry that I have so many questions, this is because I am new and eager to know all about home wine making..... thanks :b
Thanks In advanced Bye bye every one take care ...... Meet later :b
Hello Manku and welcome to the forum ..

well where to start! hehehe

you do have an awful lot of questions.

First of all. You do need a basic understanding of the winemaking process to give you a bit more confidence. Do you have a local library? I suggest you go to the library and get a few books out on winemaking, it will help you immensely.

Secondly, if you have a look in the recipe section here, there are recipes and processes outlined that will give you some idea of various wines that can be made from fruits and vegetables as well. Specific quantities of ingredients are stated and the methods employed. Most wine is made in larger quantities than 400ml at a time, usually 1 to 5 gallons or more. ( 4 to 23 litres ). Wine yeast works better for wine rather than beer yeast.

If you have sterilised all your equipment and not created wine out of anything poisonous ( like rhododendron flowers), you should be ok drinking the wine you have made. To get the wine out of the bottles into a clean bottle and leave the sediment behind, siphon with a tube into a clean sterilised bottle , or decant it carefully into a new bottle if you don't have a siphoning hose. As to how long before you can drink it, that's to your taste.. have you tasted it yet?

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The method you are using has been used for many years an can produce a decent wine.

There are however a few things you should now.
First the amount you are making is far to low.
Starting amounts are 5 liter and better even is 10 liter.

The wine will produce sediment and you can not rack (siphon) the wine from the sediment because the amount is too low.

Next: you used grape juice and dilluted the juice.
You should not dillute juice unless it is way to acidic to drink.

The amount of sugar you should use is a total amount of about 200 gram per liter. That is total sugar meaning the sugar that is in the juice (look at the packaging) and the sugar added to it.

The wine will be ready when the balloon collapses. At that time no more CO2 is produced and the wine is finished.

I can agree with you that it can be called wine, I doubt it will be tastefull with so much diluting.

On my web-log you can see a similar wine being made from mandarines. When done properly you will get a decent wine.

Next time when you want to start making a wine please ask questions before you start to make it. It is easy to correct a recipe upfront, but much more difficult to correct a recipe when fermentation is already on its way.

On my web-log on the right side there is a column. In that column you will find some really good free downloadable books on winemaking. You should start with reading those.

Thanks St Allie & Luc for all your help, the thing is that I m from India and in India we don't have anything like wine yeast or wine kit till now, or it is in big cities. I m just started from the very basic things which can be found in kitchen. This is why I have used bread yeast instead of wine yeast because wine yeast is not in our markets.

Thanks for ur answer I will check the wine after the balloons go down and tell the taste to all of you,weather it is bad or good I will tell it.

Allie yes I m reading some topics about the wine from internet in Library it is hard to find but I m getting many thing on internet.

Thanks for the help bye bye take care.... I will Ask more things when I stuck :h

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