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    happy b day Dean
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    Wow Waldo, Looks great!!! and this is great news, I have alot of pear wine aging. How old could these pear wines be before they go bad? Seems like they are just getting better and better. I lightly oaked mine. Joel
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    happy b-day
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    Happy New Year all!

    Can we talk about this recipe Wade? I am curious about this one.....
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    New Years Approaching!!!

    Seems like I always spend all my money on strippers and booze.... But other people waste theirs!!! haha
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    New Years Approaching!!!

    On my way to Vegas! Casa Fuente tonight... (cigars and drinks) UFC tomorrow.... Gun N Roses concert Saturday.... Fireworks off the casino's that night. MORAL OF THE STORY..... I bought a bottle of Dom Perignon for new years... I think one of my new years resolutions is...
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    Chateau Michaelena Winery/San Acacia Cellars

    I agree!!! Sweet racks.... $95 bucks.... WOW!!!
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    While racking!!!!

    Yeah.... I think there was the bottom of a Jack Daniels bottle looking down on her!!! haha Glad everyone is OK
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    Happy B-Day Rich
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    RJ Spagnols exploding winery series box...

    Wow!!! That bad boy is fermenting in the bag....
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    Got Elk?

    It is awsome!!! Very good meat....
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    Big B-Day today

    Happy B-Day all
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    A couple of general questions

    I agree. Its almost like a "metallic" taste to me... My vote= Degass for sure!!!
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    Happy B-Day Scotty
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    Mosti Mondiale Bottling Day For MM LaBodega Port!

    Glad to help. Mine is still sitting in the barrel. I raised the SG on this one after fermentation started. This batch will have less influence from the Brandy then my last one. I will keep ya posted on it. Your batch was done the same as my last years.... (even the new barrel). It turned...