YOOPER new guy, that's the U.P. of Michigan.

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Jan 12, 2018
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New to WMT but have been making my own wine for a few of years now using kits and am starting to tweek them a little with good results. I've also made my first batch (6 gallons) from my own home grown grapes and if you know anything about the U.P. then you know it is not noted for growing grapes. We measure growing seasons here in weeks not months so the grapes that survive being eaten by the local deer heard are mostly green, hard and sour! But hay you work with what you got, right? Started the batch in October and it's now on it's fourth racking and I will probably filter and bottle it soon. Sneak tastings are showing good potential so I am getting really excited that this batch will age well. I am also an avid hunter, gotta have something to pare with the wine right? Pinot Noir goes great with rabbit but venison really calls for Barolo.
Welcome to the site. I was stationed in the UP for a couple of years. I loved it up there.
Holy wa der eh.
I am not quite in the UP, but Northern Michigan. I make wine with Concord grapes, and I think after a few batches I have it down to a pretty good recipe. Nice to see some fellow Michiganders on the site.
Greetings and welcome. My grandfather was a copper miner up in the Keweenaw and I have fond memories of my visits to Calument and Copper Harbor. There is no more beautiful country than that. Keep your eyes on North Dakota State University. They are developing some new grape varieties that can survive zone 3 out in north western North Dakota!

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