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Nov 16, 2008
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So it has been about 2 weeks since we racked from the primary. Now I know you guys have said that it visual signs are pointless, but in all of the 2 weeks a have barely seen the airlock on the carboy bubble at all. the first couple days It did (like 2-6mins apart:() and now when I check on it to see if it is at all I wait for ever, and before I see anything I get called away (I have a 1 1/2yo girl) So my question is...Am I being paranoid, is there hope for it? or should I call it quits on this batch. A guy I know told me that when it happened to him, he threw in a pinch of yeast and a pinch of energizer. But I don't know how reliable he is. any tip, suggestions, methods that can help me (if I need it and am not just being paranoid) would be great :D
The first course of action is to take a hydrometer reading and if the SG is 1.00 or less it is likely done. If it is higher there are a number of remedies to get it started.
lol I'll say its done lol. its at .994. I didn't expect it to be done by now lol. whats next. Its only been in the carboy for a little over 2 weeks. Should I rack it again or wait a bit longer? it looks a lot clearer that when I racked it, but I can tell that it can still use a long time to get to the desired clarity.
Congratulations, you're on your way. Let it settle out, give it another 2 weeks and rack it again. When you rack it you should add 1crushed camden tblt./gal of wine and top it up so there isn't any air space from the wine to the bung (1" is OK). Give it a couple of months and it should be clear enough to bottle.
Awesome! thank you for your help. I guess I was being paranoid. I didn't think it would be done that fast. Now I need to start getting more bottles. (I 'd rather recycle instead of buying) I am so glad it is ok. It might have gone fast because we planned for it to be only about 8-10% alcohol. which is good because our starting gravity was 1.065. So if I have done my math right, we are just about 9.25-9.5-ish. We plan our next batch to be normal percentage.

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