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Feb 21, 2010
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After doing lots of research on the internet I decided to give wine making a try. I live in a rural area so the closest supply store I know of is about a 60 mile trip. Went and pruchased an "equipment kit" and at the advise of the owner a container of "Vintner's HARVEST'', elderberry wine base. Following the directions I just added the yeast. At 68 deg. (pretty constent in my basement) how long before I should get a bubble? Just located this site and thus far am really impressed.
If you didn't make a yeast starter first(just sprinkled it in) it could be 24-48 hours before you see any activity. Oh and Welcome to the forum! I'm at the other end of the state up near Chicago.
Do NOT pace back and forth waiting for a bubble. It'll drive you crazy. As Racer said, it'll take a day or two...perhaps more. At 68* you might find it a slower fermentation but that's ok.
Good luck! We all remember our first attempts but now many of us have bottles, carboys, and pails - empty and full - in every available corner. This hobby really grows on you.
Jbuck, welcome aboard. We are glad you found this forum and please feel free to ask all of your questions. There are plenty of wine makers here to walk you through your steps. Also please take advantage of our search function to help find answers and tips to your ventures.
For the primary I would bring it upstairs where its warmer for the primary and secondary. Fermentation varies on TEMP and make 24-48 hours if on the cooler side.