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Just my opinion so take it as you will but I wouldn't necessarily let the PQ wine be the deciding factor for the Trio Blanca. From the notes, it sounds like the TB is a dry wine and the PQ was off-dry. Others may be able to confirm as I'm sure someone has bottled and sampled the PQ.


Good catch. We're not fans of really sweet wines, red or white. We don't make sweet whites, and use all of our ports as gifts, or for making wine reduction sauces to accompany food. I checked my notes on the PQ but I failed to note whether or not I added the f-pack, and if so, how much. Apparently I was really on the ball that day:slp
I guess I'll find out what I did soon enough when we go to bottle.
We always post links here....

Stopped by the LHBS on the way home, decided that I needed to add another kit to the lineup. He he he. They were not aware that the 2014 LE's had been announced, but they did have the WE Enigma in stock 16 L, - Zin, Syrah, Cab Sauv and Merlot blend.

You can find the details here. WinExpert Enigma Their pricing is a touch rich, but the selection and freshness is awesome.

They also just signed a marketing agreement with Tim Vandergrift, so they will be well advised.

I'll post a link when the LE Pre-Orders are going down.

Best, Fran
All the reds sound good. May even do the Trio Blanca.
With 5 Super Tuscan kits made in the last two years, I keep telling myself I don't need another, but the Winexpert 2014 LE Super Tuscan keeps calling my name. There is something to an Italian wine I can't resist. :slp

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