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Mar 6, 2009
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Hi -

Maybe I am just a new person, being a little panicky. I just racked my wine again for last time before I bottle in August. I tasted a little that was left in the siphon tube and it was sour. :s Does not smell bad, just tastes gross. Is this just because it's very young still.

I have been very attentive to cleanliness and sterilizing everything I use. The wine was fully degassed via a drill whip attachment and suction. Just wanting to make sure I am not just getting ahead of myself! Is it ruined or am I just anal?

I'm also really new and I'm pretty sure the more seasoned wine guys will chime in here but as one newbie to another I'm learning that what I taste early on, tastes awful. More so because I haven't honed my palate enough to distinguish between the nuances and flavors that happen at various stages. The more I taste my wines at different points the more I appreciate all that's happening under the surface. It's getting up the nerves to try something that I'm pretty sure will taste wretched, knowing I might be pleasantly surprised a year down the road.
Can you give us more info?
What was it ?
When did you start it what did you add?
and what did you do
Sorry for all the questions but, .. Is the only way we can help.
Hi Tom-the info you requested is in the post - subject line:

Winexpert Cab/Shiraz kinda sour - started 3/9/09

I have added only cabernet as 'filler' during rackings to stay within 2" of the bung. I have added dissolved kmet as instructed. Please let me know what other questions you might have.

Many thanks!
What kit is this, there are many of these and they kits with varying grades. They range from say Vintners Reserve which is a 10 liter kit all the way up the Cruschendo series which is a 18 liter kit with grape pack. the bigger the kit the more it needs to age. That being said all red wines need to age and also drop out all the sediment like dead yeast cells and grape solids that will both give off tastes to your wine. I can honestly say that I believe it just needs time, these kit wines are very hard to mess up.

I know you said that you degassed the wine, but sometimes folks have described a carbonated wine as sour. Not what I personally taste, but everyone is different.

What Wade is saying is that asking about a "WE Cab/Shiraz" is similar to asking about a "Ford SUV". Which Ford SUV might make a difference to the answer.

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Yep Like Wade I agree TIME is the answer. Also, If there is any sediment on the bottom rack it. Some kits have alot of sediment and need extra rackings. Which one did you make (vintners Reserve, Chrushendo...)?
Ok, I understand what you are saying. It's a Selection International kit - #3266 - Australian Cab/Shiraz.

Thanks guys,
Australian!.. well there ya go...

(teasing! .. just jokes!.. honestly!...)

15 liter kit, thats definetly going to need some time to really come around! The smaller kits will come around sooner but are no where near as good either though so thats the sacrifice we have to make.
Wow this forum is awesome, very quick responses!

So when you say it will take time, can you ballpark it for me? I am going to bottle in Aug. So will it need to rest in the bottles for say 12+ mos to come to life? Will it be palatable after say 3 mos, 6 mos.... thanks!

I guess I am just too impatient...I can wait, so excited.:h

I would say after bottling give it a few months then try a bottle and see what you think. Some people bottle about 4-6 bottles worth in smaller 375ml bottles to try from time to time to see how they are improving.
I have been thinking about your post today. For the age of that wine it ought to taste pretty decent. You said you tried some of the last in the siphon hose. Was it from when you was racking? Did you suck up some of the lees at the last? That can give you a real funky taste. The wine is going to have a sour taste since it is a dry red wine and the tannins will mimic a sour taste. Any new wine is going to taste a bit "green" though.

It is hard to tell you to how long until it is ready to drink. Everyone has a different palate. Many drink these wines within 6 months to a year. I don't find them enjoyable till after the 2 year mark in age. At about 6 months you need to pop one open and give it a try. If it is better but not real good, wait a while longer and then try another. You ought to see a noticeable different as it ages. That is one of the main reasons I started brewing beer. I have a few recipes I can brew and have force carbed and drinking in the keg in 7 days. :D
Yeah, you could be right, the sample out of the sipon, was close to the bottom, so it prob had some of the junk in it. Great idea on filling some smaller bottles to sample it as I go.

Maybe I need to start some beer too, so I have something to drink sooner...thx!

I would suggest tasting a small amount every 3-4 weeks to see the progress that the wine is making. In the very beginning, it will probably taste very acidic. that will soften as time goes on. Good Luck. You're patience will pay off.

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