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Winemaker Bargain! New Italian Stainless Steel Grape Destemmer

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Feb 13, 2018
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Let another's folly be your good luck!
We thought we could use this machine in our elderberry processing, but once we got it opened and running we knew it wouldn't work. So here it is for sale at a great discount off the purchase price - $1600 + freight

304 stainless steel, capacity of 3 to 4 tons per hour.

Single speed with stainless steel destemming cage with beater arm running at 550 RPM.

Destemmer cage cylinder's diameter is 10".

Gentle destemming with removable destemming cage and beater arm.

Equipped with full length auger for grape cluster feed and full length auger for crushed grape out of destemmer.

Single phase motor 2.5 h.p. 220V. 60 Hz.

I thought it was because Joeycannoli wasn't logged in, but I'm logged in and can't see the pictures either.

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