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    Grape Crusher / Grape Destemmer - For Sale

    Crusher / Destemmer with stand for $500. Bought new in 2013. Works well and in great shape. Located Southwest of PIttsburgh PA. Email me at [email protected] for additional information. Grifo Semi Stainless Steel Metal Motorized Grape Crusher/De-Stemmer With Stainless Steel Hopper...
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    All stainless crusher destemmer

    Used once. Like new! With stainless stand. Rubber rollers. Paid $1500 plus freight new. Priced to sell at $800 pick up Columbus Ohio. 1hp up to 3000lbs per hour
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    Winemaker Bargain! New Italian Stainless Steel Grape Destemmer

    Let another's folly be your good luck! We thought we could use this machine in our elderberry processing, but once we got it opened and running we knew it wouldn't work. So here it is for sale at a great discount off the purchase price - $1600 + freight 304 stainless steel, capacity of 3 to 4...