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Jun 3, 2013
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Hi Guys, My wine making got a bit of a false start. I was really interested but got WAY too busy with other things and long story short - It's all got to go.

There is a long list of things:
Lots of bottles, some new and used
~16 Carboys in 3, 5 6 7 gallon
Floor corker
Small press
Bottle washer and drying rack
Carboy drying rack
Vacuum racking setup (NEW!)
and lots of other supplies, gallons, half's, tubing, stoppers, bubblers, filters, etc etc etc

I'm not even sure how to price this stuff. Carboys along ought to bring $350-400. I forget with the vacumm racking setup even cost. I have in my head $750 for EVERYTHING picked up here in zip 19475. If someone is interested, shoot me a message for my number. I have some pictures I'll try to post. Also have a 3 bay Stainless Sink separately for $200 Thanks!

Wine Supplies 1.jpg

Wine Supplies 2.jpg

Wine Supplies 3.jpg

Wine Supplies 4.jpg

Wine Supplies 8.jpg
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Thanks Mike. It's all good stuff, I'm just not a wine maker so well see. Hope it goes to a good home. I was moving some things and there is just so much I collected. Racking canes, diapers, hydrometer, just a lot of stuff.
What's the "all in one"? and where are you located? My honest answer is no, I don't want to ship them, but I may consider. These are bulky and shipping is quite likely prohibitive.
That transfer pump is what I meant with all in one. If you don't think shipping is a option then never mind. Thanks
If this is all still available in 12 months I am 100% committed. For all of it. Love that sink too. I'm close enough to pick up, by Philly.
But storing space is my issue right now. And will be for the next full year.
So just make a mental note please. If this could potentially work then maybe we could talk about a "good faith" deposit or something maybe.
Hi All - The Sink has been sold, but everything else is still available.

Unfortunately I'm not open to a deposit situation. All this would fit in a small mini van, maybe SUV. It's one heck of a package of stuff and would get someone started up right away. Thanks!
I wanted to but I'm starting to break things up. And possibly keeping a part of for some very small batches. The fruit crusher and 2 car boys have sold but the majority is still available. At least for now.
That appears to be a screaming deal !

I would of loved to have that sink if it would fit in my wine making area.

Did you try posting on craigslist ?
I wish I was closer.. That is the whole Brew kitchen I've been looking for to finish in my basement. at $750, someone will get a steal. I have almost that in the little bit I have.. That sink is worth $500 on it's own, and 16 carboys is another $500.. I'm suprised it all isn't gone yet.. If I had the time to drive 1500-2000 miles, I'd come get it..
Since I've sold off the sink, crusher, press, and a couple carboys - I'm thinking about keeping a bunch of the remainder and trying it out again, we'll see....

I have a floor project going on in the basement currently and can't get at it very well. I'll decide what's going and whats staying and update the post soon.
Hey all,

I was back and forth going to keep some of this but I need the room. There are 14 carboys, floor corker, vacuum racker (all in one), 12 cases of bottles, tree and washer, and various other things. I want it all to go as one lot. If you are nearby or don't mind coming to PA 19475 - make me an offer. All good stuff, just need the space and won't be using. Thanks.

Could you let me know what you have left for sale and what you are asking? Thank you very much!!

I'm ready to sell off the remaining wine making items. I just won't be making wine, too much to do. Here is whats there:

14 Carboys from 3 gal to 7.5gal (mostly larger)
12 cases of bottles
All-in-one brand Vacuum Racking system
Floor corker
Fermentation buckets and various supplies, tubes, racks, etc.
Bottle tree with bottle washer

Easily $700-900 worth of supplies. I want it all to go as a package for $500. Picked up at zip code 19475.