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Dec 20, 2008
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indstructions say to keep the wine in the carboy for two week in a temp between 55-65 degrees i believe..

i have mine in my garage and it is about 50 degrees i think

is this okay.
At what stage are you at? If clearing then I would strongly say to stay within their guidlines. If just aging then it is okay.
clearing stage. been clearing now for approx a week. one more week to go.

just cause im curious. what will this low temp do to the clearing process.
Many people think that low temperatures will help the clearing. However, in general, it is not recommended for kits.

Please refresh my failing memory. What are you making, and what instructions are you following?

I always thought that warmer temps were gppd for all fining agents but I was corrected and seen that some kits say to go with these cooler temps.
making a cabrnet sauvignon

is it from a gran cru kit.

kit says from day 14-day 28 keep in carboy in an elevated cool area (59-66 degrees farenheit)

mine is in the garage. the room temp is about 55 degrees. so i would assume the wine is cooler?????

this was my only option.
I'll have to look thru my files for some older instructions. I didn't think RJS instructions dropped the temperature like that.

chrisber, sounds like you're doing just fine.

These are the instructions for Grand Cru kits so just try and follow them. I think they have changed these not too long ago as like I posted above I had been corrected on that before as I found that hard to believe but thats what it says! I will say that I always keep my wine at warmer temps with the fining agent that RJS uses and it always works fast and great but I have never done it that cold and making it even colder I can not tell you how it will work out!
I was just looking at a copy of the Grand Cru instructions copyright 2004. There is no mention of storing the kit at a low temperature after adding the clearing. In fact it says "Let wine stand in an elevated place (table or counter top)."