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Jun 7, 2009
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I made 20 litres of white riesling wine very carefully following the recipe. Stopped fermentation with camden tablets when SG was 1010. Racked it off over 3 months until no further sediment. Bottled it. It is now almost a year since I started, but the wine has a bitter after taste. It also gives a bad tummy ache. I get the ache everytime I have drank it. I tested it again last week and I ended up with the same tummy ache.

I think the wine has gone bad - may be there is some bacteria in it though there is no fermentation in the bottle.

I want to referment it to complete finish. Would this be a good idea or there could be something else to be done?

Please help.


Kam Chandra.:slp
Central Queensland - (tempreature aroun 30degree in summmer)
Can you give us more detail? Was this a kit? Did the instructions SAY to stop the fermentation at 1.010?
why did you stop fermentation at 1010? how much campden did you use to stop fermentation?

how old is this wine?
when did you start it?
what was the starting gravity? (and what is the alcohol level now?)
i am assuming this is from local Riesling fruit or juice?

gut reaction is that the wine is over-sulfited from too much campden and this is the bad taste you are getting. greenness in wine however can be many things - unripe fruit, acid imbalance, bottle shock/young wine, etc.

we need to know more about your process start to finish, the source material (grapes, juice, concentrate, kit), starting grav, your k-meta additions, when and how much, etc.
Wine gone Bad

Can you give us more detail? Was this a kit? Did the instructions SAY to stop the fermentation at 1.010?

Yes this was a kit - 3 litre Riesling Grape juice concentrate, 840g of sugar, 13litres of water, 5grams of yeats. SG 1060.
Instructions said to make sweeter wine, stop ferment at 1010.
Stopped ferment at 1010 after 3 weeks. Racked it off - left with 15 litres of mixture and then added 5 camden tables and 7.5ml of sorbistol stabilising liquid. (telpreature 20 deg)
after 3 weeks racked it again SG 1005. Temp 15deg
After another 4 weeks racked off, added 1 camden tablet and topped up with 2 litre boiled cooled water (Temp 15deg)
Racked twice after that in over 3 months. No more bubbles. Bottled in clean bottles which I steilised with spdium Metbisulhite solution.

The coulour of the wine is yellowish - not very clear like ones you buy in the shops.

OK that makes no sense. Are you making 5 gallons? If you make 20 ltr of wine you ferment with that much water. I dont understand why U addeed 2 ltr of water. I think you misread the directions.
1st campton tablets will not stop fermentation nor will sorbate. It will continue to ferment for a while.
What is the Name of the kit?
You can not ferment it again since you added sorbat so that is out of the question. Stopping a fermentation in progress is not a good idea as it stresses out the yeast causing off flavors and aromas not to mention that most of the time it wont work without adding way too much of these ingredients. In my opinion if this wine causes you stomach problems I would dump them and save the bottles and get yourself a real kit which will contain much more concentrate such as around 15 liters where you would add 8 more literes of water to get a 23 liter (6 gallon) batch as this will render you a good wine unlike what those little tiny cans can do. they are not very good at all and give kit wines a very bad name!

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