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May 29, 2008
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Hello all. New to making wine, hoping to make it a long term hobby. Currently I have a huge problem. I made a five gallon batch of strawberry wine (my first try) from fresh fruit. It fermented great and everything has went very well until now. I allowed the wine to clear. It was absolutely gorgeous. I stabalized the wine and allowed it to sit for another week. Nothing else had fallen out of suspension so I decided to sweeten. I thought being a newbie I would go get a bottle of wine conditioner that I had seen at the winemaking store. I followed the directions and added 2 oz per gallon. The wine immedaitely turned into a hazy mess. After two days it has cleared, but it looks like the conditoner has settled to the bottom of the carboy. I know there is a ton of sediment in the bottom and it does not appear to be the normal sediment. Please help me. I do not want to have 5 gallons of useless wine.
First, relax.

Wine is a fluid with loads of chemical materials in it.
Alcohol, acid, and all kinds of taste, flavor, smell components.

So when a wine is stabilised it is stabilised as is.
Now when you add things to a stabilised unity the
stable factors are disturbed.
You are adding a bunch new chemical materials and
they react with what is in the wine.

So it needs time to clear again.
And when cleared, just rack and bottle.


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