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Aug 8, 2012
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Northern Arizona
You've all seen the white vinyl cutouts of Mom, Dad, a bunch of kids and the family pet on the back window of SUVs or Vans all over the place. I don't have little kids or pets so I just put one together that fits the wife and I a little more appropriately. I've never seen one like this so I'm claiming it as an original (who knows). Sending art over this afternoon to have a few made. I'll put up a pic once I put one on my SUV.

wineFamilySticker copy.jpg
I must really be under the weather. I hadn't even made that connection yet Jim when I looked at it!
There should be 3 corkscrews then. Those glasses don't appear to be triplets. :)
Technically maybe, but simplicity is the key to a good graphic. I've ordered 10 sets, I'm keeping 3 for myself but would be glad to give away the other 7 to anyone wanting one. Boatboy's is already set aside. PM addresses and I'll mail out what I have left once they arrive.
First come first served as they say.