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Aug 25, 2007
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Hey guys. So I was talking to my grandfather today about wine making becuase he used to make it way back when. So we were driving to his house, and hes like "come here I have to show you somthing". So we go downstairs into his cellar where a old coal chute used to be. He gives me a flashlight and tells me to go grab a bottle from in the chute. So i head into the little chute and there is probley 10-20 1 Gal. Bottles of wine stored in there. He said they are from 1982 becuase that is the last time he made wine. I dont figure that these would be good to drink any more, but i didnt want to tell him that. He said when he made them, he used half grapes from Califonia, and half from here in Ohio.

Just thought this was interesting. BTW, what happens to wine when it sits like this for so long?




If he didn't use any sulfites then it likely has oxidized but give it a try you've got nothing to loose.
I gave it a try, it wasnt to bad, little sweet, alcohol taste was pretty strong. Smelled pretty strong like alcohol as well.