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Jul 11, 2016
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After making cherry wine succesfully, lately i had time to try some white wine. I bought 22kg of white grapes from the vineyard.


I processed it with my new arm operated tomato paste machine. It works great with the grapes.


I now have jars and bottles of grape juice, i put grape must also in the jars, but didn't put must in the bottles, as an experiment.


I added Potassium Metabisulfite to jars and bottles except for the small bottle behind, (wine in that bottle will be naturally fermented)

I measured SG and it's 1.1 now. Looks good.

So i'll wait for a day before putting wine yeast, and my plan is to take the grape must out completely after 4-5 days and putting in the air lock at the same time. (Because i have to leave the summer house in a week, for a month, so i have to put the air lock a bit early i guess.

What do you think?

Am i doing fine?
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I'm impressed by your industry.

For me making wine starting from grapes would be too much work and allow for too much error.
Looks great. I really like your tomato paste machine. Does it keep the skins from getting in the juice or how do you handle that?
Starting from scratch is better as a whole production.

Tomato machine is very nice for grapes, i don't know if i can use it with other fruits, like cherry etc.