WineXpert White Cran Pinot Gris, dark color in primary?

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Oct 15, 2009
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I just started this kit last night. I am concerned how brown or dark tan it is. Is that from the Bentonite?
how dark exactly? like apple cider/caramel? that seems pretty normal. i was at a winery last weekend for some tasting of their white wine juices in early ferment and they were all on the cider/caramel side as far as color.
fermentation will lighten that up a bit, clarification will drop alot of that color out too. the end result should be an expected color for that varietal, for pino gris i would say very very clear and nearly colorless.
Typically when you add large amounts of wine together the color will appear darker anyhow. I guess it depends on how dark it is and hard for us to tell without a picture. I think my Riesling was a nice golden color and lightly caramel in color. rawlus is right that it should lighten up by the time you get to the bottling process. After you add the clarifying agents all the gunk sinks and the wine becomes crystal clear. If by the time it doesn't become the correct color after the clarifying step, then you might want to call Winexpert and demand satisfaction. Although as a warning if you do ANYTHING outside of the directions they will not honor a refund and you're SOL. Well maybe not SOL if the wine taste fine. Just drink it in the dark and no one will notice.
Did you add sugar to the primary to boost alcohol content or just stick to the instructions? If you add sugar it will darken it up some as well as I recall. Anyone else have an opinion?
It was light brown. I'll look at it today then again after a week. Hopefully it is ok and I don't lose a week of ferment time!
I did add 3 c. of sugar. I told my dealer. He'll replace it if it is bad. It was only a $60 kit and it was my 6th kit so he is not too worried about it. I'm hoping it was just the bentonite that caused it. I'll take a look at it tonight. The Luna Bianca I made was a caramel color in the primary and it turned out beautiful light golden color.
This wine sounds pretty good. How long did you age it and what does the kit recommend?

Thank you
This wine sounds pretty good. How long did you age it and what does the kit recommend?

Thank you
The Island Mist White Cranberry Pinot Gris is a 4 week wine and is ready to drink right away. The Luna Bianca is ready to drink in 8 weeks and better if left to age another 1-3 months.
White Cranberry Pinot Gris ready

This wine sounds pretty good. How long did you age it and what does the kit recommend?

Thank you

Just bottled this wine last night. It is very nice. Easy drinking. Fruity and thin but very nice. I have some family members that will love this for Christmas.