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Jul 25, 2010
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does everyone use tap water for their wine? Water in this country has chemicals added, it's obviously safe to drink but I'm wondering whether to buy some spring water to make wine with or do you think that's a waste of money?
Personally I use Reverse Osmosis (RO) water. That is also what we use for drinking water and for tea and coffee.

Everybody has their own preference, but if your tap water is good to drink, then it's probably good for wine.

I use tap water myself. It's farely good. My up and coming wines I am going to try to eliminate water all together from the process.

In the past I've added some water with sugar to increase volume and get the desired gravity. What was I thinking :re ? I will just need more apples, peaches...not pumpkin pie, plums, pears etc. Mix sugar with the fruit juice to raise my gravity. End result will be a hardier wine.

I'm using Tom's idea of adding banana soup and raisins to my musts. Maybe one day we will all be "Water Free"
We also use bottled drinking water as our tap stuff tastes like, well not pleasant.It is very hard with lots of calcium and iron content.
Question, why would you not suggest using water that has been softened salt?
I am very lucky living where I do...a remote town in N. Florida. Our water is from a spring aquifer. The water analysis comes back very good each year and water from the tap still tasted pretty good, even without any filtering. I still boil the tap water before using just to eliminate trace bacteria. Living in the stix has it's advantages.
I'm with Non G, We can drink our water here right from the creeks!!
But I agree with Dan, if you can get spring water for a good price, I would go with it, no sense to have to take a chance of off flavors if you have a concern about your tapwater.

Last time I was in Milwaukee I tried to drink tap water from my Moms sink, it tated like a swimming pool. I couldn't drink it, but they do. Living in the city has its disadvantages! LOL

Go with the spring water for sure.
thinkI will use spring water, we can get it fairly cheap so thanks for the feedback ;)
Back in the spring I visited The Wine Maker's Toy Store. They were running an experiment about water. They were using 4 or 5 types of water (spring, tap, distilled, ??, ??) using the same kit with each. I have not seen a posting here on the results, the kits were a red and may still be aging. You might give them a call to see if complete and results.