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Fruit Fears Me
Jan 7, 2009
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:slp Ok, guys...Hubby and I are shopping for mortgage insurance and, of course, the guy has to come to the house, right? Well...what do YOU say to your potential insurance guy when he eyeballs your rows of secondaries? I'm holding these for a friend? Oh, I gift all my wine away...ha ha ha...Here is what was by the kitchen table we all sat down at!!

You tell him, it's strictly for medicinal purposes then you provide him with articles that state dringking wine is good for you health.

Looks like a nice selection going there.
Heck! I'd even love one of the blueberry/billberry!!

My address is below!!!

Let's see now, life insurance salesman comes to visit me. Sees two carboys under the kitchen counter. Says "WOW, you guys make your own wine. I want to try that. Can I ask a few questions?".

True story. One of the benefits (I guess) of living in Canada where home winemakers are much more common than the US.

WOW !!
An insurance salesmen that make house calls! :slp
I'd say how much extra to insure these ?? These days people will do anything to get your money over the other guys .
Life insurance will always come to your house as they want your buisness and they usually do so very late for you also, most of them are indepedant salesman. They come to my house every time we want to change our policy around. I han out a botle or 2 to everyone who works around our schedule and is very nice. I actually had a few felows trying to sell me insurance before I ended up with the guy Im with now and they were pretty rude and I had to tell them to get the hell out of my hous! I have never encounterd anyone as rude as both of these guys were!
Hey Wade I must of had one of those two guys at my house also. I had to run him off, and he was very reluctant to move, he just could not take no for an answer untill I told him where the door was, and if he did not walk out of it, I would personally drag him through it, some people that sell insurance are down to earth people, but there are some that are very persistant, and ignorant.
Believe it or not, we invited this guy in...I have to admit I DID drink a beer as he did his presentation...I NEEDED ONE. Unfortunately, he wasn't into a glass of either, so, of course, I was a bit uncomfortable about it...but, you're right, St. Allie...I should have lit up a cigar!

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