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Diabolical GENIUS!!!
Nov 16, 2008
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Well I am a a low point in my life...A sad sad place to be. An impasse is a good word to describe the dull, boring and incredibly empty hole that I am experiencing right now. IT has nothing to do with Love, or family, or work, Folks I am talking about the one thing that all of us have felt a some point or another, and if you haven't felt it yet, then you will. My friends I am talking about, Having 3 (2 5gals, and a 32gal) primary, 8 (6.5x4, 5x2, 3x2) carboys and not being able to make any wine because my 7 of my carboys are full, and the last one is needed for racking. LOL!!

Soooo what do you do when you are experiencing this "off time" of wine making, to keep you fire alive? Because I am antsy.

Buy more primaries and carboys so that this duldrom is over quickly! :)
lol, Other then that lol...money is not the most abundant thing lol. I have empty Primaries, its the Carboys that's the problem rofl I should have spaced out my batches lol.

Since you can get wine at the store in 1.2 gal bottles, A friend and I are thinking about trying to fine that "one" wine. the 1.2 gal are only $6.75usd
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I hear ya there and was just kidding! Thats why I also make beer and am now distilling also. There is always something to do here!

split a gallon wine recipe between two 2.25 litre coca cola pet bottles. if you have spare airlocks and bungs.. Simple and instant wine making equipment.. and means you can experiment with ingredients :)

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...instant wine making equipment...

Instant wine making equipment? I am a firm believer that instant and wine should never mix lol. Thats why I would never buy a 28day kit. but then again I don't like kits as a whole so lol. I am really Just waiting for my Raspberry Pineapple to finish one more racking, then Its bottle time and an open carboy.

I just bought 3 1 gal jugs of wine, going to try and dust them off so I can start some micro-batches.
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Don't be old fashioned.. experiment a little!

I have never made a wine kit myself.

....and I know what you mean about impatiently waiting for a carboy to become free. I won an auction locally tonight $73 NZD... I got 5 x 5 litre carboys 3 x 1.5 liter carboys all in glass..

I'm rapt and picking them up tomorrow...

You probably have never tried a wine kit, some of these wine kits can produce wine that is way better then most can make any other way. They usually beat almost all wines fermented from grapes in competitions if you get the good kits. I know there is a different feeling making a wine from scartch as i do many this way also but just saying that these kit wines produce some amazing results.
Glad to know that I'm not alone in my feeling of loss when I have so many batches going. Unfortunately, I just had a friend stop by Midwest on his way to work and pick up more carboys, and a couple fermenters and chemicals. He didn't try to stop me, he even had the gall to ask me if I he should get me a refractometer. ..what an enabler. :D

I start flipping through books and seeing recipes and I want to make them all. I started a spreadsheet to keep track of when and what I'm doing and just tacked it on my fridge.

So I plan on doing a mix of kits and fruit and the fruits are more to learn about wine and the kits are for quick drinking and presents. I don't really have a preference.
I haven't made the kit ones because they are really expensive here Wade..

one day when i win the lottery...


Allie, If I win the lottery, I'll send you a couple of kits.

Steve ;)
Allie where did you get such a good deal and how come I missed it!!! Great deal, good on ya!

Wine kits are about the same here I thought, as inj reletive with the exchange rate, average of $130 NZD I think. Where are you shopping?
Coll, I can make a 5 gallon peach wine for the cost of the sugar, sanitisers and yeast..

so about NZD $10.. everything else is recycled.

and the fruit will just rot on the ground if I don't use it up.

The local homebrew owner is just lovely.. he gives me bottles of stuff he's made himself for me to try ( I swap him jars of homemade salsa btw, so have become a memorable customer ;)...)

If anyone makes old fashioned ginger beer.. I don't recommend the kits.. there's a definate chemical after taste.. like the difference between full sugar soda and diet soda?

I'd rather spend a week feeding an old fashioned yeast plant on the window sill, than make it from a kit.

Take up flyfishing. Don't let the lack of water or fish deter you. I rarely catch anything anyways.
How much do carboys cost for everyone (Except Allie I dont care about your super specials you tin bum!;))
Im not sure on the 23l ones but i can get the 5l ones for $11 NZD each

I made a batch of ginger beer from a kit. Didnt even think about that aspect Allie....I can imagine the home one would be way cheaper too and its not like its many ingredients. Will do that next time. Havent tasted the chemical one yet, its still got a week to go aging, will let you know my verdict then!
there are a couple of different kit brands Coll.. which one did you use?

yeah I have 10 empty gallon jars here. :p

. Juicing pears this morning.. going to make perry.

.... also have a bucket here with rhubarb and cranberry in it.. smells really nice too..

Cant remember actually, just brought the most expensive one in hope that it would be the best!!! Will have a look next time im in the shop!!! Didnt bother to keep records on that as i knew I wouldnt use it again...at least I dont think so!

Im most jealous of all your fruit Allie, I want an orchard too!