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I following the "Five S system" of wine tasting prior to bottling; See, Swirl, Sniff, Sip, Savor. I may need, however, to reduce my volume in the "savor" step.
That’s why I would never make a good wine judge. A small sip won’t do and I am morally opposed to spitting out perfectly good wine… that and my horribly unsophisticated palate.

Racking and bottling days are always fun!
That’s why I would never make a good wine judge. A small sip won’t do and I am morally opposed to spitting out perfectly good wine… that and my horribly unsophisticated palate.
Judge an amateur competition. There will be some you'll be happy to spit out!
Moved 10 gallons of a cab/Zin mix into a bourbon barrel today. First experience with vino in a barrel. So far everything went well, except I thought it was 11.6 gallons and I was going to have to add to it. Nope. I had enough for some left in the carboy and also on the floor. 🤦 At least I’ll have some similar topping wine.
This evening, my Bride and I watched "The Boys in the Boat," a very inspiration film about the USA rowing team in the 1936 Olympics. During the film, there was a scene where the coach was giving the team a pep talk, and it brought to mind what I consider the best pep talk in the history of sports. I refer to that of Coach Herb Brooks to the 1980 USA Olympic Hockey team during the second intermission of their final game against Finland. The USA had beaten the USSR in an earlier round but trailed Finland 2-1 at that point. The team waited patiently for Brooks to come in and the time passed. Finally, Brooks comes into the locker room and says, "If you lose this game, you'll take it to your f-----g graves." He turned and walked toward the locker room door, paused and looked over his shoulder and said, "Your f-----g graves." The team went out and scored 3 goals in the 3rd period and won the game 4-2 and the Gold Medal.
As has been noted, I'm an IT guy. The "kid" who was the Best Buy salesman when we purchased my FIL's new laptop was mid-20's.

I'm 60 and my FIL is 80, neither a spring chicken. My FIL describes himself as a "computer illiterate" yet learned what he needed to do with computers in his job, prior to retirement. [My FIL is a great guy!]

I spoke geek talk with the sales guy for a minute or two, and I suspect he was happy he didn't need to explain stuff to anyone. He realized quickly that I've been building PCs longer than he's been alive. I didn't talk down to him; I treated him as an equal.

Anyone who has not read Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People" needs to read the book.

We had a very successful laptop purchase.
This morning I helped my son bottle a ginger beer that has been setting in carboy for 6 weeks. We planned to let it bulk age 2 weeks, then something came up, then we were both traveling, then he passed a kidney stone ... but we finally did it. Flat-n-warm it tastes good.

ginger beer.jpg

The Kirkland beer case if from a sampler I purchased probably 15 years ago. He needed bottles for this batch and I have some I wanted to get rid of, so it worked out.
I'm going to spray grape vine buds with Trounce (organic insecticide) to stop leaf hoppers from chewing up the soft buds just before they burst and ahead of any rain. I just finished respraying with Trounce. The buds look fine and should all burst this week. They are starting to burst now.

Then I'll try to scrounge 25 bottles to clean with bleach and strip of labels so I can bottle up 55 bottles of 2 reds tomorrow afternoon with my son in law, a Marechal Foch blend and a blackberry wild cherry elderberry blend. He has 82 apple wines to bottle. We'll use an Enolmatic bottling machine. After that we'll be done handling our last 4 wines together, Chardonnay-Muscat, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot and a 3 year old high alcohol Petite Sirah until the end of August.
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