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Aug 27, 2009
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so I have been fermenting my first batch for a while, it's cherry.

I put it in the primary bucket for about a week with just a towel on.

when the sg hit about 1.040 I put the fermentation lock on it.

There are no bubbles for a couple of days now.

So I have two questions

1) what do I do next? rack it into the glass carboy maybe?

2)is what I did up to this point correct or should I have done something different (just for future reference)?
Rack it over to your glass carboy after checking what the sg. is now. Depending on were the sg. is you might need to top up the carboy to minimize the head space.
Do as Racer said and tell us hat the sg is as it probably needs Sulfite now to protect it. Are you going to be sweetening this wine?

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