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Dec 20, 2008
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can anyone suggest some good wine kits to get. what is the best company? grand cru????

looking for some good red wines and possibly some ice wine or white wines. can someone give me a suggestions on some brands and names.
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wine kits

I get my kits from a retailer that knows how to make wine really well.He is anxious that my wine is as good as it can get,and he doesnt mind myneedy calls for help.I have learned a great deal from him. I am certian that other brands of kits are just as good as the ones he sells but it is his support that i am buying as well.I have been very happy with WE kits but others have won medals as well.
Cellar Craft, WE, RJS are all good. IMHO it's not the kit maker but the amount of juice and what you are after. If you want an early drinker you might start off with a fruit wine or one of the white kits with 10-12L of juice. If you want a big bold red that you can age RJS winery series and they are great, but so are the WE Eclipse (I love the Merlot ). Don't forget the Pinot Noir and the Bergamais for relative early drinkers. I personally like to alternate between early drinkers and wines to age. That way I always have some wine that is drinkable during that aging period.

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I've done several different series of wines within what RJ Spagnols has to offer. I've yet to be disappointed with any of them. Generally the higher the kit level the more I've liked the results with RJS' Winery Series Super Tuscan being my recent favorite.

I tried one Mosti Mondiale kit and it turned out just okay.

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