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Dec 23, 2011
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About three years ago I got into a new venture, restoring a 130 year old house and turning it into a Restaurant, Inn and Brewery. we have been open a bit over a year now. i have been away from Brew and Wine Supply except to stop in and say hi every now an then, while Gary, my manager ran things. We finally got our licenses for brewing and just released our first beer last week. Well Gary is also my head brewer and I needed him more at the brewery. At first we thought of closing BWS, then we decided to move it to the basement of the restaurant after a lot of local outcry. We are in the process of moving now and should reopen by the end of April. The web site is still up and running and we will dig through boxes to get the orders out. With BWS a lot closer now I will be spending more time working with it and being part of running it. along with our brewery license, we also got our winery license, so come fall we will bring in some juice and begin making our own wine too. Check out our restaurant, The Russell House at: rhirb.com . also brewandwinesupply.com for beer and wine making supplies!

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