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Nov 2, 2009
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Hi all.My wife bought me some frozen welshs white grape juiceWhen i read the ingredients it said it has sorbat in it.Can I still use it to make wine?
Hi all.My wife bought me some frozen welshs white grape juiceWhen i read the ingredients it said it has sorbat in it.Can I still use it to make wine?

I've used it in several recipes without any fermenting problems.
Larry, there are kit makers in here, and there are fresh fruit makers in here. Then there is me! I am working on my 26th batch of wine, it is from frozen concentrate, so I fit into the "other" catagory.

My answer is why bother? I have made lots of wine from these concentrates and whenever you see sorbate, sulfites or anything else but abscobic acid, you are taking the risk of not being able to get a ferment going.

The mistake alot of people make is buying these juices and they are actually a "cocktail" and most only contain 15 or 20 percent juice.

Now, don't get me wrong, some nice wine can be made from these frozen juices but be sure you use 100% juice. I like the "Dole" brand or the "Old Orchard" brand. I am currently making an ""old orchard" apple, passion, mango.

be sure to use 100% juice. I seen the Welches White grape the other day and I almost bought some, but it was the cocktail, right next to it was the 100% juice, same grape.

I wouldn't even mess with it. Mix it up and drink it. Usually "good" juice here is about 2 dollars a can, and you want to use 3 per gallon. So even at best we are still looking at 6 skins per gallon, plus sugar.

Fresh fruit here is outrageous so almost always I use these frozen concentrates. And they will work fine. Just make sure they are 100% juice and read the labels. If it says anything about sorbate, sulphite or antything else with a name longer than 8 letters stay away from it for making wine.

I'd sure be happy to pass along some tips I have learned from using these. If you want.

Thanks all.Troy,I sure would love to hear about those tips you have learned.There is knowledge in wisdom and when it comes to wine making I have neither.I am just greatful that you and all the others are here to be our teachers.
hey Larry,

Wade posted a recipe in the "recipe" section about using frozen grape juice. it is a great guideline to start with.

Don't be afraid to use these frozen concentrates, just because they are froze doesn't take away from the quality of juice they are made from. What do you think is in some of these wine kits? Concentrated juice. You will never beable to make the quality of wine from a frozen concentrate that you can with a kit! It can never happen.

But a fine wine indeed can be made from frozen concentrates. There are a zillion recipes for using these to make wine, but use 3 cans and add enough water to make a gallon. Measure the SG with your hydrometer and enough sugar to get what you want for a PABV(potential alcohol by volume).

Try not to get over 13% ABV, I am not saying dont LOL, I never have! LOL But over 13% you are giving away flavor.

Don't be afraid to experiment, mix some flavors etc. Pineapple actually makes a nice wine. be sure to use pectic enzyme, it will help clear out some of the solids. be sure to write down EVERYTHING you do. If it turns out great you can duplicate it. On the other hand, if it doesn't, then you will know what not to do.

We will help anyway we can, don't be afraid to ask.

What do you have in mind for now?

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larry you go and buy the juice and I' or someone else will give you a recipe. Keep an eye out at the store for pre mixed juice. Again, read the labels, sulfites and prservatives will make an otherwise fun wine into a nightmare. Again, make sure it is 100% juice. I don't know where you live but you may be able to find apple juice in 1 gallon glass jars. now you get the wine and a fermenting vessel.

cranberry makes a nice wine but it has natural benzoate in it, and it WILL give you a really tough time to get it to ferment. It can be done, but to make hard apple cider may a way to start.

Let us know!!!